Eyelash Extensions

For centuries women have been on a quest for ways to darken, thicken and lengthen their lashes. Now all of this is possible with the simple and painless Jinny Lash semi permanent treatment. This procedure is so effective that it instantly beautifies you! Long, dark eyelashes not only emphasize the shape of the eye but also make the eye look bigger, creating a beautiful and captivating effect. JINNYlash is the original, revolutionary technique in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. As leading pioneers in the UK eyelash extension market, we have developed an unrivalled reputation plus outstanding techniques and world class technicians. JINNYlash is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes. JINNYlash extensions are renowned for their natural-looking finish hence why JINNYlash are everyone’s best kept secret.
Lasts approx. 4 weeks

Glamour lashes are designed to thicken and lengthen the natural eyelashes, WOW Lash Extensions are nothing like “party or Temp lash’s” which are produced in clumps of about 3-4 and are stuck to your own eyelashes with self-adhesive and last a 1-5 days
All our lashes are individually applied 1 by 1 onto your natural eyelashes . They are applied using only Mink or Silk synthetic material resembling the texture of our own lashes given a beautifully soft finish. Made to be identical to natural lashes the  lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes giving you a the look of naturally Amazing lashes. Also the glue is undetectable.What’s the difference between JINNYlash and WOW Lash? WOW Lashes are thicker and so look much fuller, the aim is MAXIMIMUM volume
Lasts 4-6 weeks
Russian lashes ?
We do not use Russian Lashes technique as the ONLY  difference between Cluster Lashes and Russian lashes are Russian lashes are placed on individual lashes that are grouped together and placed on one host lash, each lash being isolated as in standard 1 on 1 eyelash extensions, not across several lashes, but they are still a cluster of lashes stuck onto one thin natural lash, So even tough they claim to be fine in weight, this does not seem logical the 3-4 synthetic  lashes on 1 clients natural lash will not cause damage or loss of natural lashes due to the cluster on natural lash weight ratio and density. Also if you lose just 1 you have a very obvious gap. We only provide the best for our clients and so prefer to build volume with time applying extensions 1 by 1 to all lashes not taking quick short cuts which may be damaging.