Chemical Peels

Why have a Skin Peel?

A skin peel is designed to accelerate the removal of old, dead skin cells at the surface of the skin to promote new cell growth and accelerate rejuvenation. It offers a revolutionary way of treating ageing skin, acne and other blemishes, as well as reducing sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The procedure can also help the skin to appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter.

Different Peels Explained: 


Involves using a low concentration of chemical trichlororoacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base. The Obagi Blue Peel allows regulation of the depth of the peel, removing surface layers of aged + damaged skin. Obagi is generally well-tolerated + rarely produces  inflammation, most clients resume normal lives sooner than compared to more abrasive treatments . Healing takes approx. one week.

Environ Regular Peel

Lac Pamgel -Environ Lac - Pamgel  system, using acidic gel instead of  acid solutions. These peels preserve the epidermis whilst integrating the safest effective concentration of hydronium ions into the dermis. These peels are designed to preserve the architecture of the skin simultaneously stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase the quantity of collagen in the dermis.


Environ Advanced Peel

TCA (tri-chloracetic acid), which is a man-made chemical based on acetic acid. These are very safe and allergic reactions or serious medical complications have never been described, (TCA Pamgels) & TCA (tri-chloracetic acid) which Environ pioneered in a cream as a peeling agent to give a controlled, even, safe and effective peel. (Acid Cream Mask – ACM)


A Trichloroacetic acid chemical peel (TCA peel) is a medium depth peel that does cause noticeable redness and exfoliation. We use TCA peel in different concentrations to be either a superficial (20 –30%) or medium depth peel (30 –50%). The exact percentage we use depends on the patient’s age, the amount of skin rejuvenation required and their skin colour or Fitzpatrick skin number. We most commonly use TCA 35% concentration.

Advantages of Peeling

• Then skin becomes smoother
• Healthy cells survive
• Damaged cells are removed
• Promotes collagen formation
• Blackheads melted / removed
• Acne less active
• Reduces inflammation
• Kills bacteria + sterilize skin
• Refines enlarged pores

After Care

• Avoid sun exposure + sun beds for 1 week
• Avoid exercise for 24 hours
• Avoid swimming – chemicals  irritate the skin
• Don’t rub, pick or irritate skin
• Moisturize the skin adequately day and night. 
• Use sunscreen.


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