4. How do I choose which dermal fillers?

Reputable high standard filler brands are primarily made from hyaluronic acid from to replicate this natural substances found within our tissue but depleted as we age. There are some filler brands that use cross linking a process which determines the stability of a filler and so too, its longevity and safety in your skins dermis.
A reputable, tried, tested and trusted brand will have proven longevity, safety and biocompatibility results. One very good example is Juverderm, but it is not the only reputable filler as Restalyne, Redensity and Revolution, some less common but just as amazing in their longevity and smooth and safe bio compatible results.
Hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. This allows the skin to lock in moisture, this is the mode of action which gives our treatments fullness with replenished and smoother more youthful skin.
Since Juvederm is composed of natural substances, the effects are not permanent. This means that if the desired results are no longer required, the substance will be absorbed by the body naturally over a long period of time. Because the Juvederm gradually reduces its appearance, the fillers are a popular and common choice of procedure for patients that have not received any cosmetic treatment before