2. How should I prepare for the treatment?

Before your lip fillers treatment, it is important that you have had a consultation to establish is you’re a safe candidate, this is non obligatory and you will not be pressurised to undergo any procedure.
Drink Water in advance to ensure your tissue is well hydrated
Ry to Stay as calm as you can to reduce any risk of raising your blood pressure during the treatment, this will prevent you bleeding too much reducing the risk of bleeding.
It is not advisable to do a workout immediately Before Or After treatments.
Please DO Brush your teeth and wash your face and hands in advance to promote an aseptic treatment environment, supporting the prevention of pathogens entering the site of injection.
It is not advisable to Brush teeth after treatment due to the potential to transfer bacteria from your toothbrush and mouth around the injection sites. Please do this before and after at least 8 hours.