Lip Fillers London

Lip Fillers Explained

Our most popular service in high demand at Clapham Aesthetics London are  Lip Fillers,  many clients who come to us for lip-fillers express the desire to have fuller pouty, well-defined lip.Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetic Clinic , we are aim to prevent the 'Sausage' Or 'Duck' like appearance. Many first time clients ask "Will I have this after effect?"  Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetic Clinic designs the treatment around your natural shape, we can add volume within the Lip Line, Enhance the Lip Border, reduce aging lines around the mouth, however we do not  give you this adverse and unwanted 'Sausage Or Duck ' appearance. If  have  naturally thin or small lips, or have lost volume and definition, lips gradually thin and flatten as an undesired effect of aging, it is accelerated by behaviours like smoking . Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetic Clinic,  is the choice for you If you think your lips are thinner than normal, or thinner than you would like, lip fillers may be a good procedure for you to enhance your facial features. If your lips have thinned out over time and lost their shape, you may want to consider lip Fillers at Our Clinic. Areas  include - Upper lip, Lower lip, Cupid’s bow, Mouth corners.We take precautions in our application to prevent swelling and bruising however there is a risk of slight swelling and bruising after any aesthetic procedure. After-Care

What are Lip Filler made of?

Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetics Clinic, is typically performed using Juvaderm Or Restylane or other Lip fillers as per request. We use Only non-animal, biodegradable gel composed of Hyaluronic AcidJuvederm is renowned for adding Volume in the Lip Body and Restylane (a soft tissue lip filler) replaces volume by smoothing wrinkles in areas around the mouth. You may require filler also to correct vertical lines around the mouth, including smokers lines, which is more common in older clients. The composition of fillers is predominantly Hyaluronic acid commonly used Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetic Clinic. During your lip filler augmentation, an injectable filler is carefully placed in areas that require volume enhancement. Your Aesthetic Practitioner uses a technique that preserves a natural appearance of the lips while enhancing their size and shape. After injection, some brief massaging of the area may be necessary and performed by your practitioner only to achieve a smooth result. Side effects are very rare, we assure you that your Lip Fillers London by Clapham Aesthetic Clinic, are performed with extreme measures to ensure the most stringent techniques are used to prevent Any complication.

Treatments include Numbing cream comfortable experience!


Volume  lip enhancement treatments  are performed using hyaluronic based products, which aim to restore lip fullness in the main body of the Lips. We advise to always consider a natural ratio of 1/3 volume on the top lip and 2/3 volume in the bottom lip, to avoid the classic 'Duck or sausage like appearance'.

Oral Commissure (Marionette Lines

The corners of the mouth are the oral commissure. Oral commissure lines may extend downward from the corners of the mouth, giving an individual an un-flattering accentuated grumpy or unhappy  appearance. We can use a combination of techniques to restore lift & volume.

Lip Countour

Lip contouring gives distinct definition to the border outline of the lips.  Gives you a beautiful lip outline of the cupid’s bow and can improve definition. Beautiful lips can enhance your look like no other feature can and the lip filler and contouring treatments that we carefully select  enhance the natural beauty of your lips

Lipstick Lines

Vertical from the upper  lips, and  sometimes called smoker’s lines although most women develop them for reasons other than smoking. The lines are a result of loss of volume that occurs with age, along with excessive muscular activity. These lines can contribute to lipstick bleeding, hence the name 'lipstick lines'



"We design Beautiful Lips, not just inject a product"


Lip Fillers:

Before Your Lip Filler treatment commences , we carry out a Consultation and take before close up photo's of the area to be treated. After you have read through your Consent form for Lip Fillers and it has been mutually approved, we then Cleanse your Lips + apply a strong Numbing Cream to ensure you experience a comfortable treatment free from discomfort . The practitioner will ask you about your medical history + medications your currently taken, and whether you’re prone to getting cold sores or are pregnant. Min age is 18 years of age. We will ask you to wash your hands in advance as most clients naturally touch their Lips after treatment , the most common cause of any infections caused in the aesthetic industry has been due to poor hygiene by allowing bacteria to transfer to the treated area. Change your pillow case at home in preparation for your after care. It is the little hygienic considerations that are mostly overlooked.


Lip Fillers :

Most clients look absolutely fine after their lip Fillers treatment, the main difference is Your Lips appear fuller. This is not always noticeable to strangers however close friends and family may observe the difference as they are familiar with your features. Swelling can occur Yes, however, it is normally slight and resides in a couple of days normally. bruising is less common but can occur yet it is normally in a small area and will subside.  We advice Arnicare cream be bought in advance and used AFTER to reduce the risk of bruising . Also please buy a disposable toothbrush to use on the first night afterwards to prevent any bacteria around the lip area, this will enhance aseptic hygiene. Hand sanitizer at home is also recommended. A lot of clients return to work within 24-48 Hours after their Lip Filler treatment, without bruising or swelling you can return to work the following day