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The quest for perfect luscious lips like Beauty Icons from Angeline Jolie to Beyoncé & the Kardashian’s, their succulent, luxurious lips are the desire of Females Worldwide. The more Sultry, Sexy, Plump & Youthful the better at any age. science to the art of creating wonderful, lush lips? CA master the anatomy of your lips using expertise to design the ultimate Lip augmentation. “The design of Bespoke lip augmentation is a combination of placement, point of entry, quantity, type of filler, synergizing with the natural structures, technique, visual approach, experience and a great appreciation of Beauty” says Clapham Aesthetics.

Angelina Lips

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Lip Fillers London

Lip Fillers  using Hyaluronic Acid injections  we add volume to the lips in precise and measures amounts for perfect symmetry, this process gives you Fuller Lips. We then build along the border of the Lip to enhance the natural frame and hold the added volume and introduce the ultimate sultry shape many women desire.We can also correct lip atrophy and expression lines along the lips or philtrum ( skin above the lip). The treatment is completed in 30-45 minutes along with a consultation & results are noticeable immediately. Benefits of Lip Fillers are only truly complete after any internal swelling resides in 3-7 Days. Slight bruising can occur but is easy to cover with Lipstick. Lip Fillers at our aesthetic clinic London,  are performed with topical numbing lidocaine in advance to provide relief from any discomfort. As we see from the above famous image of Angelina Jolie’s Lips, they are characterised by: Fullness in Both Lips with Added volume on the bottom lip and Emphasis on the Cupid Bow.