‘Male Lips – Why are Lip fillers, becoming popular with Males?’

Male Lips – Lip Filler

The allure of full and sensual lips, are not gender specific, women equally find lips attractive on a man. The desire for fuller lips, however, was not a territory man previously felt comfortable to venture into, that is until recently. More and more males are now requesting to have fuller lips, using hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our bodies fat.

However…Of course, men do not want to have a plumped upper lip, with a feminine cupid bow…heaven forbid! They want a straighter, smoother, more masculine shape. Ultimately they, prefer their natural shape with a little more thickness. A specification that takes a technical hand, and a skilled eye, first and foremost, secondly this requires a filler that has a low projection (think shortbread as oppose to a muffin) now we are on the same page.

‘Taking a break from formation’!



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